The Diary

ResDiary displays your reservations in a simple view. Yield management settings calculate which tables give the best return for walk-ins and reservations. W8list and expected arrivals tell you who is due to arrive and when. Everything you need to run a profitable service, on a single screen.

Bring something to the Table

Perfect for hosts and those using an Epos integration. The table plan view enables your team to see all areas of your restaurant instantly, update the status of a booking in real time, check the number of covers present, and see expected arrivals. It also works great with our iPad app.

Get on the Grid

Get a complete picture of all your services, areas and tables on one screen. Drag and drop reservations and amend reservation details with a single click. A visible ‘time line’ of reservations due and those that are late will ensure that you are always on top of your service. Colour coding and icons will allow you to instantly see the channels your customers are making reservations from, if they are V.I.P customers and alert you to additional reservation details like deposits and promotions.

Take a Short Cut...

Everything you need in the diary can be found quickly with our simple short cut keys.

  • C –  Show the Closeouts Management Console.
  • B –  Start a New Booking.
  • W– New Walk-In Booking.
  • 8 –  Open W8List.
  • L –  Show Icons Legend.
  • – Open Magic Search.
  • – Jump to Today’s Date.
  • Q – Create a new W8List booking.

Run a tight ship

The running order view is a list of your reservations for the current day. You can customize this view to fit your operation and filter your reservations by section or service. The running order can be  printed out for easy reference for your front-of-house and kitchen teams/staff.

The devil is in the (reservation) detail

If you click on a reservation you can check or edit the reservation details, change the arrival status, confirm or delete the reservation and view previous history.

It's a kind of ... Magic Search!

Looking for something? A customer? A Settings page or Report? Simply type in the search box and as you type you will be offered a list of items related to your search, click the reservation, report or setting you were looking for and you will be taken right to it just like magic.

“Got a date in mind? Let me check my diary…”

Quickly jump between dates on the calendar with our scrolling tools to view future reservations and availability.

“How busy is it tonight?” We’ve got it covered.

You can easily see how many customers you have reserved in each time slot. If you hover over a time slot,  a tool tip will show you the maximum number of covers  set for that particular time slot. If you go over the number will turn red, making sure you are never over booked at any one time.

Got more than one place?

Instantly manage reservations across an entire group of restaurants from a single login and check real time availability over multiple venues.

Always available

Instantly see availability “Book” drop down button. Search availability within any given time range or area in your restaurant.

Make “walk-ins” walk the line...

Skip the queue and manage walk-in business quickly and easily. Use our specially designed walk in tools and expected arrivals panel to gain instant access to the reservation process. Too busy for that? Take a shortcut- Hit “W” on the keyboard and you will go straight to the walk-in reservation process.

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