11.15: big booking news

We have big news and you’ll be glad to know it’s not football, weather, or GDPR-related. We have a brand new booking portal. Optimised for search, with lovely images, and a whole new customer journey, it’s pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves. (For those of you afraid of change, don’t panic. Your microsite will work in the same way, as will the booking process.)


Optimised for SEO (search engine optimisation)

Our tech team have been beavering away making sure that the brand new www.resdiary.com is perfectly optimised to start appearing higher on Google/Bing/Yahoo etc searches. It means that when guests are looking for “best restaurants in London/Edinburgh/Christchurch”, ResDiary will be on its way to being one of the top pages guests will see. It’s good news for ResDiary customers as it will mean more people seeing your venue and more people making bookings.

Improved user journey

We know that commission-free, incremental bookings are a great thing. Which is why we’ve worked hard on this site, ensuring diners are encouraged to make bookings at every step of their journey. When they land on our homepage, we’ve made it easy for them to search and find the places they’re looking for, and each page is tailored to guide them to visit other pages or complete a booking. They also see the top-rated restaurants in their chosen area, giving them restaurants they’re most likely to love. Which leads us to…..

Location pages

On the old booking portal, if potential diners were searching, they would be given venues within a certain radius of their location. There were no specific pages for countries, cities, or towns. That method of search will still be available but this will be improved by specific location landing pages, which can be drilled down to locales and neighbourhoods. This also gives browsers a better user experience.

A brand new look

We live in an Instagram age and they say we “eat with our eyes”. That’s why you’ll notice the site looks pretty different. There’s lots more images, text, and links. These encourage diners to visit more pages and discover the perfect place to make their reservation.

This sounds great. How do I appear high on the www.resdiary.com listings?

We’re glad you asked. There’s a few things that you can do to improve your listing, including adding more text and images, and selecting all the cuisine-types that you have available.