ResDiary 11.4 release highlights: GDPR

You’ll all have heard of the GDPR, the new data protection regulation coming into play pretty soon, and you’re probably wondering what ResDiary is doing about it. Well, we’ve been pretty busy, beetling away, making changes to how your system is going to work. This entire release is Phase One of the GDPR development, and is focused on getting you compliant with the new regulation. Phase Two will be delivered prior to the GDPR going live in May and will cover retention periods, history logs, and some other bits and bobs.

You will be able to see these changes in your diary from 13.3.18.

Singles or doubles? (Opt-ins of course)

If you thought we were talking about gin, you’re sadly wrong. We’ve actually added a feature to give you the choice of whether you want your customers to opt-in, once or twice. Opting in once, the customer ticks a box to say they’d like to opt into marketing from your business. Double opt-in ensures you’re getting their fool-proof consent; the customer ticks the widget opt-in and then they are sent an email to reconfirm.

restaurant no-shows

Double opt-in templates

If you decide to be safe and go for double opt-in, you obviously need a template for the email confirmation. So we built one.

Marketing preferences landing page

After the opt-in email, customers need a page to go to to confirm their choices (or change them), so we built that too. Customers can confirm if they’re opting into single restaurants or groups, or if they want SMS, email, or snail-mail marketing. Told you we’d been busy.

Internal single opt-in

If you decide to go for single opt-in, (careful now) there will be a new confirmation box for internal bookings. It will make sure that staff have confirmed with the customer that they definitely want to opt in, and we’ll keep a record of this verbal confirmation. (It’s required by the GDPR.) No stray marketing emails here sir!

Booking widget

Online opt-in text

GDPR can be a bit confusing, we get it. That’s why we’ve updated the text on our portal and widgets relating to opt-ins, making things a bit simpler for diners. It’s now pretty easy for your customer to choose to opt in to a single venue, or group marketing if the venue is linked to other restaurants. Simple.

Improved database for customer profiles

We’ve added some extra fields in our customer profiles to help you stay GDPR compliant. (Sadly, there’s no GSOH for the good-lookers.) They include when diners opted in/out, IP addresses, and who changed the profile (the guest or a staff member). It means your database will be compliant. Yay for compliance.


If this is the first you’re hearing about GDPR (where have you been?), don’t panic, we’ve got lots of handy resources to help you figure it out here.

PS: We’d like to apologise for the copious overuse of the word “opt-in” on this page. There’s not really another we can use. We’ve had dreams about email opt-ins…..