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A selection of additional add-ons can be added to your core ResDiary package. Some of the extras have additional cost to your monthly subscription and some are free and require just an opt-in.

ResPhone - Automated Telephone Bookings

ResPhone provides an automated service which will turn those calls into confirmed bookings. The Guest will be seamlessly redirected to an automated service where they can book their table. A booking confirmation by SMS will be automatically sent to the guest and the booking is placed directly into your ResDiary reservation system with a capture of the guest’s telephone number.

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SMS Marketing/Notifications interface

Do you feel that your customers do not respond to your emails? With ResDiary you can send SMS notifications via Silverstreet to your customers.

SMS notifications can be used for:
- Sending marketing campaigns
- Reservation reminders
- Booking confirmations and cancellations

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Group Central Reservations

Manage reservations quickly in one place for an entire group of restaurants.Group Central Reservations allows users to check real time availability across multiple sites, share guest profiles and preferences and filter multiple databases from your entire group to fit your marketing needs. See the whole picture with group wide reporting and ensure your system is secure with the flexibility to assign access privileges to key members of your team.

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ResDiary Online Guarantee

ResDiary has introduced a FREE facility, called ResDiary Guarantees, to securely hold your guests’ credit card details when they make a booking. If they don’t show up, you can charge a cancellation fee as dictated by your terms and conditions.

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