Pre-Order app for restaurants

ResDiary’s Pre-Orders service is designed to take the stress out of large party bookings.

Pre-Orders by ResDiary is available to all Dimmi customers.

Give you and your guests a smooth journey throughout every visit


Make sure your guests never miss out on their pre-order and your staff do not need to waste time chasing them ever again. Send automatic, personalised emails with links to menus. Easily track and compile guests’ orders, and print placecards with their details. You can even add deposits and take pre-payments.

What our customers say

“ResDiary’s Pre-Order app makes sending out the pre-order to customers so simple. As it is fully integrated with the booking process, all staff can now take large party bookings without me worrying about mistakes and reminder emails are only a button press away, saving us lots of time chasing big orders.

It’s going to make Christmases really easy, no more counting everything up on a spreadsheet!”


Emma, Reception Manager, On the Waterfront.