“We chose ResDiary as they don’t apply any charge per cover. We switched from Opentable, and i would say depending on month we saved around $3470 a month”

Cyril Baligand, Restaurant Manager, The Ninth

“A really useful product that is competitively priced with great service and support to back it up. ResDiary eliminated almost all booking errors, duplicate bookings & missed bookings. It further gave us the opportunity to analytically maximise the amount of covers we had and separate them intelligently to ease pressure on the kitchen especially at busy times.”

Pearse Holohan, Operations Manager, Holohans Pantry 

“As we are such a small restaurant and we only serve 10 guests per day, no shows or cancellations in the past had a huge detrimental effect on the business. Since starting the ResDiary ticketing system where guests pay in advance for their meal, 100% of our guests have honoured their booking with us. It means we now know how many guaranteed bookings we have and we can purchase and prepare the correct amount of food to minimise food waste. It has allowed us to cut down on the time previously spent organising and rearranging bookings so we can spend more time improving the food and the dining experience at The Table.”

 Sean Clark – Chef patron- The Table