Moving from TheFork to ResDiary – FAQs

What's changed? What do you need to do? Read our FAQs


What has changed between The Fork and ResDiary?

As of 1 March 2021, TheFork will be terminating its licence agreement with ResDiary. This simply means that sales & support for the ResDiary service will now be managed directly by the ResDiary Australia team.


How will my business be affected by this change?

If you were previously a customer of TheFork using ResDiary to manage online reservations – there should be no operational impact to your business. In the coming days & weeks you will receive communications regarding updating your billing details, applicable settings (e.g. Stripe), and updated information on how to receive bookings from TheFork in the future, should you choose to.


Who is ResDiary?

ResDiary is the platform that powers your restaurant reservations. Since 2009, Dimmi, and then The Fork, had exclusively licensed ResDiary to provide our table management and reservation product to restaurants across Australia.

ResDiary’s reservation system allows restaurants, hotels, & venues to take commission free online bookings, manage tables, take payments, sell gift vouchers, and pivot your business to online food orders for takeaway and delivery. The system is available in 60 countries, and is used by over 10,000 venues globally.


I’ve moved to the Fork for table management, but want to return to ResDiary?

We’re very happy to have you back! Just speak to our sales department here  [email protected]

Steps you need to take now to ensure a smooth migration from TheFork to ResDiary


Your listing on

As a ResDiary customer, you receive a free listing on to drive more bookings to your venue. To get this to display there is some key information that we require from you.

Read the guide


Set up your booking widget

Use our handy configurator to create your custom online booking widget in order to accept bookings directly from your website and social media platforms. Read our guide and watch our how to videos.

Learn how


Enable Reserve with Google

You will still be able to accept bookings via Reserve with Google, and now as a ResDiary customer, you can take advantage of the integration, with all bookings being commission free! You just have to let us know that you want ResDiary to enable this.


Let us know


Track down your stripe login details

As part of migration to ResDiary you’ll need to disconnect, and then reconnect, your Stripe account. Please have your Stripe login details handy to avoid any disruption to your reservations and payments.


Has your Diary been disabled?

If your restaurant has been disabled please email [email protected] to re-enable your diary.

Pricing and Billing

When the time comes to switch your billing and payment features, you will see a prompt in your diary, with a wizard that will walk you through the set up process.

ResDiary will happily match your current monthly charge for the remainder of 2021. Simply supply your last invoice from The Fork, and our team will update this in our system.


With ResDiary, you can receive bookings from:

  • Your Website Widget – This might need updating, see this FAQ for more detail.
  • Reserve With Google – You can now receive reservations directly from Google for no charge – see here for more detail on how to get started
  • – your restaurant is listed on – if it isn’t, please reach out to our support team to update your listing.
  • TheFork – For now, you’ll continue to receive bookings from The Fork app & Website. Soon, you’ll need to sign an updated agreement. You’ll receive more details on this in the coming weeks.

Yes. All of your current diary configuration will remain the same. You will need to reconnect your Stripe account with ResDiary to enable payments.

All of your past, present and future customer and booking data will still be available.

These details will move over automatically with your account. Any active Stripe landing page links, email templates, and your resdiary voucher widget  will need to be updated so you can continue to take deposits, payments, and sell vouchers.

Good news, you will still be able to accept bookings via Reserve with Google, and now as a ResDiary customer, you can take advantage of the integration, with all bookings being commission free. You just have to let us know that you want ResDiary to enable this. Get started here.  


Please note: if you do not want to keep recieving bookings from TheFork via Reserve with Google at the same time, you will need to contact TheFork and ask them to switch this off.

Of course, please see a video here on how to set this up here.

For now you’ll still be accepting bookings from the Fork Network. In the future, you’ll need to sign a new agreement directly with The Fork. They’ll reach out with details in the coming weeks.

Training and Support

Our dedicated support team can be contacted by clicking the help button in your diary and raising a ticket, by searching for the solution on our self service help desk, or by emailing us on [email protected]

Email support is available 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm!

No, you do not have to undergo training, but you’re always welcome to get in touch should any queries surface. Please contact us on [email protected] or visit our helpdesk here.