Hybrid venues

Built by hospitality operators for hospitality operators, ResDiary’s flexible tools allow you to manage your f&b bookings, events, and much more. All from one cloud-based system with no commissions.



Complete control over reservations

Whether taking reservations from your website, social media, or a third party, ResDiary’s online bookings give you complete control over your reservations. Create a bespoke customer journey with beautiful widgets, and separate out reservation types for drinks, food, events, and guest lists. 

Managing events made easy

ResDiary’s events management feature allows venues like yours to take events enquiries online, track, convert, and manage them. Never overbook or underbook your spaces, with real-time updates and availability.  

A complete overview of your venue

With three views giving a complete overview of your venue, ResDiary lets you add rules according to areas and easily shuffle tables to accommodate guests. Ensure drinks bookings are placed in the bar, diners sit in the restaurant, and your venue is never overbooked.

Deter no-shows

Whether you’re storing card details to deter no-shows, taking deposits for a party, or processing full payment for an event, our payment tools will help. And all transactions are processed through our PCI-compliant payment partner, Stripe. 

Manage your reservations by channel 

ResDiary’s Channel Management tool lets you control where, when, and how many reservations are taken via your authorised channels. Take bookings from our Affiliate Partner Network, your chosen third parties, or your social media pages, and track what’s working through our reporting suite.