ResDiary has all the essential tools you need to make your business a successful one.

Table Management

✔️ See all your bookings in one place with the grid, table plan or list views.

✔️ Add rules to stop tables or times being sold incorrectly.

✔️ Sell tables in your preferred order.

✔️ Allocate sections to staff members and track performance

✔️ W8list and closeout capability

Pre-Order, Pay at Table, & Pre-Payment

✔️ Deter no-shows by taking deposits or securely storing card details.

✔️ Accept full pre-payment for tables at the point of booking.

✔️ Configure pre-order menus and pay at table options for your venue

✔️ ResDiary processes all transactions via Stripe. The integration is fully PCI compliant with the flexibility to cater for all your payment needs.

Channel Management & Reporting

✔️ Sell and promote specific deals, events, or menus on selected websites.

✔️ Complete control over the number of bookings taken from each channel.

✔️ Track where your bookings are coming from and analyse what partners or marketing activities are working.

Marketing & Guest Communication

✔️ Build and manage a fully GDPR compliant database.

✔️ Set up and embed ResDiary’s powerful booking widget on your website to suit your brand

✔️ Create branded marketing emails and email confirmations to send to your customers.

✔️ Send SMS notifications, reservation reminders, and more from ResDiary via our partner Silverstreet.

Events, Tickets, Vouchers

✔️ Manage and view real time space availability across your venue or group.

✔️ Sell tickets to special events or gift vouchers at your venue

✔️ View event spend, enquiry status, and so much more

✔️ Plan every detail, your way, with completely customisable run sheets