What is it


Banba is an app which allows customers to order food and drinks directly from their phone – obliterating queues and wait times at venues the world over. Banba enables mobile-contactless-ordering, which we believe will be an integral part of the venue of the future – where queuing and waiting is a thing of the past. Mobile-contactless-ordering works in three ways:

(i) Table Service
(ii) Counter Collection
(iii) Click & Collect

In the immediacy, Banba will also help with the challenges surrounding Covid-19. Banba helps create an environment where all staff and customers feel safe through the limiting of person-to-person contact and overall movement within bars and cafes. Our efficient ordering system reduces the workload associated with table service through providing efficiency in customer ordering, maximizing sales capacity.





How It Works

Venue Search
Customers can find your venue on our interactive map which uses GPS to find bars, cafes, or restaurants close to where the customer is. Customers choose if they want to order ‘in-house’ (for table service & counter collection), or ‘takeaway’ (for click & collect).

Customizable Menu
Customers select whatever they wish to order from your fully customizable menu. The customer adds to the virtual checkout, and you can monitor all orders on our specialized staff app! Customers can choose to order table service (if it’s offered), or collect directly from the counter. Users are then notified when their order is ready for collection, or if a table service is on the way. Banba also enables Click & Collect ordering for those customers who wish to takeaway.

Payment Integration

When you join Banba you will also set up an account with our nationally recognized payment provider – BOI Payment Acceptance. This ensures low transaction fees, which isn’t possible with other third-party providers. Banba does not touch your cash and you get paid directly into your own merchant account.

restaurant reservation system

All transactions on Banba are collated and organized into interactive easily downloadable reports, exactly like your current till or epos system.


Want to know more?

Give your guests a seamless experience. Take online bookings with ResDiary Lite, and collect mobile, contactless orders, and payments with Banba