Places to eat in Soho, London

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Swinging since the sixties and inspiring artists to this day, Soho is one of the most popular and entertaining districts in London’s West end with plenty of places to eat. From old pubs & funky late-night bars to the famous Soho sex shops, it’s a go-to when visiting London.

Places to eat in Soho, London

Renowned for its record shops, vinyl collections and street markets, Berwick street is the perfect place to start your discovery of the creative Soho district.


  • The Great Windmill Street got its name from the Windmill Theatre which claimed to have been the only theatre that never closed during the war.
  • The Windmill Theatre is famous for hosting a nude tableaux vivant in the 1930’s.
  • The old Club Eleven featured music legends such as Ronnie Scott & Johnny Rogers.
  • The old Scene Club was associated with mod youth culture and hosted bands like the Rolling Stones and The Who.


BYOC ( Bring Your Own Cocktail) presents a unique concept inspired by America’s 1920’s prohibition era… It’s an interactive drinking experience that allows you to bring a bottle of your favorite spirit to the venue and one of the talented bartenders will create a unique range of cocktails designed for you. Book Here

21 Great Windmill Street , London, United Kingdom, W1D7LB

Places to eat in Soho, London


Cay Tre Soho

When strolling down this fascinating street, why not stop for a bite at Cay Tre Soho? Hailed as the most authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Soho, you can experience the atmosphere and flavors of the land of the rising sun. Definitely have a taste of the classic beef Pho, which takes over 18 hours to make! Or make Pho “your own” by adding ingredients just to your liking! Book Here

42-43 Dean Street, Soho, London, United Kingdom, W1D 4PZ

Places to eat in Soho, London



Meet and Dean Street. It was once the stage for a young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a home for Karl Marx and hosted regular theatre performances by Charles Dickens at the Royalty Theatre. Go visit the Soho theatre to score all your culture points quickly!