Restaurants near St Stephen’s Green

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The hustle and bustle of Grafton Street is an unmissable experience when in Dublin city centre. It’s one of the busiest shopping streets in Europe, full of shops, pubs, and restaurants. You can be sure you’ll need at least one break to get re-energized for the rest of the day! Thankfully you are spoiled for choice with the nearby streets teaming with food outlets.

While in the area take a walk around the 22 acres of St Stephen’s Green. The park offers a break from the noisy city and discover the history and the great stories such as where James Joyce met his inspiration for Ulysses! Do not forget to have a pit stop in one of the many restaurants near St Stephen’s Green area for a fantastic feast.

Super Miss Sue

Head over to Super Miss Sue for the All Day Breakfast or The Best Fish and Chips in Dublin!!

You will find the queen of Bloody Mary’s here and if you’re in need of a bite to eat or a hangover cure, from all the Guinness you probably had the night before, then you found your perfect place! Book Here

2-3 Drury Street, Dublin, Ireland

Restaurants near St Stephen's Green


For something a little more sophisticated but still relaxed and friendly, definitely go to Luna.

Soak up the New York style and Italian influences over a Negroni. Enjoy freshly hand-made pasta, seasonal ingredients and a charcoal grill. You will not be disappointed! Book Here

Drury Street, Units 2–3 Drury Street Car Park, Drury St, Dublin, Ireland

Restaurants near St Stephen's Green