Restaurants Northside Dublin

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Inside the mountains and the woods near Dublin, hidden in the root of the trees… SSSHHH. Be veeery quiet, you might be lucky enough to spot a Leprechaun and if you do, legend says they will grant you 3 wishes. But they are very shy & tricky creatures, so discretion is advised…

Restaurants Northside Dublin

No luck? Learn all you need to know about these mystical fairies and be prepared for the next hunt! Head over to The National Leprechaun Museum located Northside of the Liffey River and get immersed in a world of myths and legends guided through the Mythical Forest by the captivating storytellers.


Chapter One

Dublin is known to be a place full of storytellers and as Chef- proprietor Ross Lewis said, the food at Chapter One Restaurant: ” is part of a story that is still unfolding, but it will always reflect honesty and integrity because these elements are the very soul of our food…”

From Charred cured mackerel with poached Carlingford oysters to mouth-watering 64% warm felcor chocolate with malted stout ice cream, bourbon & charcoal crumb, you are in for an unforgettable experience. Book Here

18-19 Parnell Square, Dublin, Ireland

Fun Fact

Ross Lewis was asked to cook for Queen Elizabeth II’s banquet in 2011!!

Restaurants Northside Dublin

Continuing our journey through the Northside, take a minute to admire the stainless steel of the landmark know as The Spire of Dublin or Monument of Light. On O’Connell street, Ian Ritchie Architects, inspired by the light of the Irish sky designed one of the most visible landmarks in the city, stretching over 120m into the sky!


Yamamori Sushi

Before walking across the Ha’penny bridge on your way to the city center, why not stop for a bite at Yamamori Sushi? Relax in the heated Bamboo garden, perfectly blending Georgian architecture with 19th century Japanese artwork and Samurai artifacts.

Definitely have a taste of the Norimaki served with black zakkoku rice, rich in fibre and protein, giving you all the energy you need to continue your Dublin tour! Book Here

38/39 Lower Ormond quay, Dublin , Ireland, Dublin 1

Restaurants Northside Dublin