Author: Clara

Inside the mountains and the woods near Dublin, hidden in the root of the trees… SSSHHH. Be veeery quiet, you might be lucky enough to spot a Leprechaun and if you do, legend says they will grant you 3 wishes. But they are very shy & tricky creatures, so discretion is advised…

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Author: Clara

Make your way to one of the most important buildings in Irish history. Juxtaposing medieval, gothic revival and Georgian architecture, all set on top of old Viking grounds, you will find Dublin Castle. Stick to the theme of royalty and find your way to our next pit stop for a little luxury.

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Author: Clara

The hustle and bustle of Grafton Street is an unmissable experience when in Dublin city centre. It’s one of the busiest shopping streets in Europe, full of shops, pubs, and restaurants. You can be sure you’ll need at least one break to get re-energized for the rest of the day! Thankfully you are spoiled for choice with the nearby streets teaming with food outlets.

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‘The Luck of the Irish’ Food Guide “Though their life was modest, they believed in eating well.” – James Joyce, Dubliners    From ancient tales of fairy folk, to rainbows leading to pots of gold , Ireland is a country steeped in legends and magic. It is not surprising that this magic has found its way onto  the plates of some of ResDiary’s favourite restaurants in Dublin!! Join us as we hop over to the fairest city on the emerald isle and discover that there…Continue Reading “Dublin Restaurant Guide”