Consumer API
Basic call sequence

Basic Online Booking Process Instructions

To create a basic online booking process or widget, the common process follows this sequence:

  1. Use: Get Setup to get all the basic details required e.g. MinOnlinePartySize, OnlinePartySizeDefault, MaxOnlinePartySize, AcceptBookingsDaysInAdvance
  2. Use: Get Availability for Date Range to populate the calendar with available dates. The API call requires:
  • Party Size (e.g 4)
  • Date From (e.g 2018-04-01T00:00:00)
  • Date To (e.g 2018-04-30T00:00:00)

This will provide you with a list of dates and times that are available for that date range and party size.

3. Use: Availability Search to get the actual availability options for a time.

Note: We have various video tutorials relating to the display of availability results and the selection of ‘promotions’.

4. Use: Create Booking with Stripe Token after the collection of diner details to create a booking

If a payment is required, you will be returned a status of PaymentRequired and the response will contain PaymentAmount, StripePublishableKey, and FormattedPaymentAmount (which should be displayed to the user).
If a Credit Card is required you will be returned a status of CreditCardRequired.

Use one of the Stripe Payment Collection Methods to process the credit card details with Stripe. Then pass the returned Stripe Token into the same endpoint as before together with the rest of the Booking details

You should check the Status to see what the outcome of the call was. If it is Success, you should inform the user and display the Reference from the response.

Booking Process Video Tutorials

Interactive Widget Examples

Note: The Venue used in the above Widgets is a good example as it has all payment and promotion scenarios setup.