Consumer API

Basic API Call Sequence

Our consumer API began as an internal API supporting the portal. Everything (and more) that you see on can be replicated via this API. The primary purpose of the consumer API is to supply everything required for a ‘consumer facing’ restaurant discovery search and book user experience. The core features provided are:

  • Location Availability Searches
  • Restaurant Online Profiles
  • Restaurant Availability Searches
  • Create-update-cancel Bookings
  • Create-update Customer Profiles

However, creative partners have achieved far more as we improve our APIs in response to credible requests, meaning that the functionality has grown beyond our original use. 

If you are a restaurant and would like to create your own booking process using our consumer API, the charges are as follows:

  • £150 + VAT (or your currency equivalent) per month during the integration process.
  • Once the integration has been certified and is live, the monthly charge will be reduced to £50 + VAT (or your currency equivalent) a month, whether you are single venue or an entire group.

Note: If you are a 3rd party booking site, and are interested in integrating to ResDiary, please get in touch with our partnership team at [email protected]

These charges covers the provision of technical assistance during development and ongoing support of the integration once live.
For access to our Consumer API documentation, please email [email protected] and state which API’s documentation you would like access to.


Existing Integration Partners

Please take a further look at some of the integrations, created off the back of our consumer API: