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Customer Success: Our top five tips for using the diary 

Andrew Robinson, is a member of ResDiary’s Customer Success Team. Having worked in hospitality both in the UK and Australia, and used ResDiary in service for over ten years, he is an expert on the system.

Andrew works closely with restaurants everyday to make sure they are getting the most out of their experience using ResDiary and ensures they #StaySuccessful when doing it. Read Andrew’s top tips and tricks to using the system below.


1\ Rules

Do you want to maximise your potential bookings on a given day?  Let 2s sit on 4s? With ResDiary you can.  Set your diary up to break rules for specific days. You can even break rules a certain amount of time before service. This is great for making the most out of peak service times.

2\ Communicate important messages 

Create messages on the diary for your team to read. This is a really handy way to communicate key sales messages among your team, which products to up sell on a given night, and even when the next staff party is.

3\ PreOrder by ResDiary 

Take pre-orders from large parties in advance. You can even customise when you want to send out reminder emails, so you don’t have to spend hours following up on bookings and chasing for orders.

4\ Maximise your marketing database

 Try adding a customer registration widget to your website. This will let diners opt in to receive marketing communications from your venue about special offers and events.

Set up rules Create messages Pre-order emails Registration widget

5\Do you know about ResDiary Plus? 

The ResDiary Plus iPad app is built to give you a great tool for use on the floor. Control your reservations, manage your tables, and run a smooth service, all from your iPad.


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The Customer Success Team is on hand to help  ensure you get the best out of your ResDiary software, helping you maximise the system and making your reservation life a little bit easier.

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