Our data extraction service was created off the back of constant requests by larger restaurant groups for advanced reporting and /or direct access to our customer-booking database. Needless to say we are reluctant to have alternative systems adding unknown extra load on our restaurants systems therefore we created a mechanism for an api user to extract all a restaurants customer-booking information and house this in an external database.

The data extraction service is designed so that an API user can

  • Get all past customer-booking information
  • Get customer changes on a daily basis
  • Get booking changes on a daily basis
  • Get the new customer-booking information on a daily basis.

Access to the Data Extraction API costs a partner a single fee of £150 + VAT (or your currency equivalent) per month during the integration process. Once the integration is certified and live, the invoicing will stop.

For access to our Data Extraction API documentation, please email [email protected]


Examples of existing integration partners

Please take a further look at some of the integrations, created off the back of our consumer API