Stripe is the payment provider chosen by ResDiary

Our integration with Stripe is how we process all monetary transactions through the ResDiary system. Using the Stripe integration gives you a wide range of payment functionalities; secure & straightforward online payments, ResDiary Guarantees (tokenization), ticketing and the ability to take deposits. All this robust functionality is combined with leading table management to create a flawless user experience with fully compliant PCI security.


Read about Stripe security.

ResDiary Guarantees - Combat No-Shows

Tokenization is the process of securely taking a customer’s credit card details and holding them as a non-sensitive equivalent, referred to as a “token”. A token has no extrinsic meaning or value, thus making it a safer option than storing the actual credit card details. You don’t have to take a payment or deposit up front; instead you can opt to hold a token as security for the reservation. If the customer is a no-show, or cancels their reservation you have the facility to charge to the token via Stripe through ResDiary.


What does it cost?

There is no charge whatsover for using Resdiary Guarantees as powered by Stripe tokenization. However, there will be a small charge at agreed rates where a Stripe token is charged for a no show. ResDiary will only deduct a small transaction fee – 1% plus VAT – for any tokens actually charged. View Stripe charges.


Deposits & Ticketing

Whether it’s a  large party, an evening with a guest chef, or a one off menu; it’s good to have the flexibility to take payments up front.

With our deposits payment feature you can control the level of payment, and when you want to take it – be it online, over the phone or by *carrier pigeon (*not recommended).

ResDiary’s ticketing works seamlessly with our excellent table management features. Allowing you to sell tickets and take pre-payment in advance. This ensures that your service runs smoothly, isn’t over committed and revenues from bookings are guaranteed.



Create and sell gift vouchers to your customers – directly from ResDiary. We make it easy to add, disable, edit and price your unique vouchers.  Using our voucher feature makes it easy for the customer to redeem them with you in the future. Creating a valuable online revenue stream for your restaurant.


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