Das Avios Loyalitätsprogramm für ResDiary Restaurants

Wer und was sind Avios?

  • Avios ist Teil der International Airlines Gruppe und ist die Reise-Belohnung Währung für Fluggesellschaften einschließlich British Airways.
  • Avios Mitglieder können alltägliche Ausgaben in Flügen in Hotelaufenthalte, Upgrades, Tagesausflüge und mehr verwandeln.
  • Avios Punkte können verdient werden durch Partner wie American Express, Tesco, Shell, Avis, British Airways, Aer Lingus, Lloyds Bank und jetzt auch ResDiary.

What type of restaurants can be listed?

All ResDiary restaurants will be invited to participate in the Avios programme and we shall be extending the programme globally to restaurants in all major destination cities served by BA and Aer Lingus, with other AIG airlines to follow.

Why should I be involved?

Gain access to premium diners

  • Gain exposure to a pool of 6.5 million active Avios customers across British Airways Executive Club and the Avios Travel Rewards programme.
  • Build your database with consumer data for all reservations made in your venue.

See your reservations soar with incremental bookings 

  • All bookings through RestaurantCircle & ResDiary will feed straight into your diary according to your yield and channel management settings.
  • These bookings will be marked with the specific channel for ease of reporting and complete transparency.

No risk

  • It’s a rolling contract so you can cancel at any time providing 30 days’ notice

What does it cost?

  • There is an advertising fee/listing fee of £25 + VAT (or Euro equivalent) per calendar month payable by the restaurant to ResDiary to appear on Restaurant Circle.  This fee is set by BA and Avios.
  • Each booking made to your restaurant will be worth 250 Avios points which will be awarded to the diner after the meal is consumed.
  • A transaction charge of £3 + VAT (or Euro equivalent) per booking will apply for the reward of Avios points.  This will be invoiced retrospectively on a monthly basis to the restaurant.
  • Avios can provide statistics to show their members’ average spend is 14% higher than non-Avios customers.

Special Offer - pay no listing fee until end of June 2017

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