Over the years, our restaurant partners kept asking us if ResDiary integrated with their EPOS suppliers. We soon realised that this was an important part of the restaurant technology ecosystem, so we created our EPOS API so that any EPOS system can be integrated with ResDiary.

We now supply both a high level specification of what is expected by restaurant customers from an EPOS integration, and a well document API to ensure that customer expectations are met. Our certification process with EPOS partners is our way of assisting in the design development and QA process so that both companies involved can rest assured that the integration will be a success.

The core feature set allows an EPOS partner to:

  • Get customer-bookings for a date.
  • Display customer-booking details
  • Seat customer-booking at tables
  • Inform the ResDiary system as the booking goes through the diner process
  • Complete customer-bookings and supply spend and receipt data.

Some EPOS suppliers have decided to implement hybrid integration that use our webhooks service to pickup real time booking related activity that can trigger events within the EPOS system. The webhooks service has been created as part of an API replacement plan, as time has allowed new and improved ways of working.

Access to the API costs a partner a fee of £150 + VAT (or your currency equivalent) per month during the integration process. Once the integration is certified and live, the invoicing will stop. 

For access to our EPOS API documentation, please email [email protected]

Review Our Certification Outline

Our ‘Certification Process’ provides an outline of the basic requirements that experience has taught us must be implemented.
Please review our Certification Process Outline so that you have a realistic understanding of the project scope.