Ethical partnerships from ResDiary

By | Published on September 13th, 2017

Partners eh, who’d have them? If country music is anything to go by, all they do is argue with you, take your money and make life complicated. It’s the same in hospitality. You think you’ve found a great partner, you’ve been promised incremental bookings, they take a small commission and everyone wins, right? Err, chances are no. You may just have trapped yourself into a big ole ring of fire.


ehtical partnerships

The issue is that many companies offering incremental bookings base their business model purely around commission. It means that they are then vying with any other commission-based companies that you’ve signed up with to get diner bookings. It’s why you often see lots of ads for companies like Wowcher and Groupon when you type in a venue’s name on Google. They’re all trying to get their ad at the top of the Google listings, all competing financially to do it and all becoming more and more desperate to redirect your business for commission.

Ethical partnerships

Keep hold of your Levis

Not all partnerships are like this though, there are some “islands in the stream”. Many websites gain their revenue through sales of actual products or through advertising, sponsorships or loyalty programmes. Some may charge a small commission but as it’s not their main source of income, you don’t end up selling your truck, your dog and your fishing rod just to finance your partnership.

Enter ResDiary

This is where we come in. Obviously not every restaurant has time to figure out which sites are ethical and not everyone wants to play the gambler and hope for the best when it comes to filling their venue. We’ve spent a lot of time searching out partnerships that will not only try to bring you more bookings but will either not charge you at all or charge a nominal fee for them.

While doing this, we try to ensure:

  • Each and every partnership is opt in.
  • We’ll never auto-opt you into any partnerships, meaning you’ll only be listed exactly where you want to be.
  • The listing fee is either free or fair. No hidden costs and no huge charges.
  • The site is not planning to do everything it can to redirect your traffic: unlike many other booking sites, most of our partners don’t perform pay per click advertising.
  • Every partnership is linked to your main diary and you have full control over how many bookings you take and at what time.
  • Full reporting is available for all partnerships so you can decide which ones are working for you.


To find your ideal partner, head on over to our ethical partnership page to find out more and see who’s involved.