A telephone. Pen. One bookings book. An events book. Countless emails. Two sessions crying in the office as well as uncountable hours spent at work. Sound familiar? It’s a lot of work, even for the most experienced event managers. Especially if you’re running events in a venue where the space has various uses. And yet, it’s the main way events have been handled for years…

There is a better way! Adopting tech can massively decrease your stress levels when it comes to events and can ensure the big day runs smoothly. Here are just some of the ways Event Manager by ResDiary can make life a lot easier.

Handling enquiries

If you don’t use integrated systems, it can get complicated. Notes from phone enquiries aren’t passed on, emails get misplaced, and important points are lost in communication. But if you have an electronic system that’s accessible to all your team, many of these issues are eliminated.

From a data gathering point of view, there’s no hunting down telephone numbers, or email addresses, and guessing the information needed. Most events systems allow you to customise your booking process to gather required information. Alongside the usual name, email, and party size, you can add things like: Event type, Special menus, and additional requests.


ResDiary event manager


Events can get complicated and using a manual process makes changes all the more difficult to track. Using an electronic events manager that everyone can access, means all these changes are held in the one system. If your events and table booking systems are one and the same, you can see your exact availability and ensure you’re not breaking rules or overloading the kitchen.

Customer satisfaction

Electronic systems have multiple ways to improve your customer journey, ensuring guests know about all your offering, including: Pre-Orders, customer notes, automatic confirmations, online payments alongside many other features. All of these factors add up to make sure customers keep returning to your venue. 


There’s all this and so much more you can do by using Events Manager by ResDiary.
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