Access your diary anytime, anywhere…


With the help of our cloud-based system, offline synching,  Manager’s App, iOS, and android app.



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ResDiary Plus

Designed to work quickly in service, ResDiary Plus allows you to control the floor efficiently. The app synchs directly with your main ResDiary platform. Available to download for android & iOS .

On iOS the inbuilt W8list feature allows you to manage queues effectively. Our payment processing features can stop no-shows, secure deposits, and send secure payment emails directly from your iPad. No wi-fi? Connect up to seven iPads via bluetooth to create your own temporary network.



The Manager’s App

Control your business on the go and increase your productivity with our handy Manager’s App. Log in from any device to quickly check business levels.

Services can be opened and closed directly from the app and you can set up alerts so you are notified anytime a reservation is placed online or internally.

Don’t forget our support team is here to help and you can access them directly from your phone.

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