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ResDiary’s market-leading table management features give you full control over every service.



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Table Management

ResDiary’s simple grid and table plan views let you easily see all your bookings in one place.  You can add rules to avoid tables and services being sold incorrectly online, while table rankings ensure that all your tables are automatically sold in their correct order. Want to track the performance of your servers? With ResDiary you can allocate sections to staff members.



Never turn customers away with ResDiary’s waitlist app.  Customers are added to W8List™ and the opportunity to seat a walk-in table isn’t lost. The waitlist app ensures your tables are never double booked. Improve your customer service by seating guests efficiently or prioritising VIPS. You can even store customer preferences and add the details to your database to encourage future bookings.


Yield Management

ResDiary’s restaurant Yield Management feature lets you set the cover amount your venue should take at certain times. Stopping the classic, mid-evening bottle-neck and letting you turn tables by encouraging earlier and later reservations, it drastically helps with restaurant revenue management.

When a certain slot is full, potential diners are offered nearby times, subtly encouraging them to book outwith their desired period meaning you don’t lose their business. Simple to use and effective.


Online bookings are great but as long as you have a phone, some people are going to call you. It might be those who don’t quite trust computers, or people who automatically hit the “call” button to make a booking. So how do you know you’re not missing bookings when you’re closed or unavailable?

At ResDiary, we’ve launched ResPhone to curb these issues. ResPhone takes availability directly from your diary, letting customers book on an automated telephone service. You simply add it to your phone line and divert calls to ResPhone if you’re busy or closed.

Pre-Order by ResDiary

ResDiary’s Pre-Order app is designed to take the stress out of large party bookings. Give you and your guests a smooth journey throughout every visit by sending automatic, personalised emails with links to group menus. You can easily track and compile guests’ orders in advance, print placecards with their details, and even add deposits and pre-payments.

Group Central Reservations

Imagine a world where you didn’t need to check multiple books or log in and out of different systems to see all your restaurant’s bookings and online reservations. That’s what Group Central Reservations does: table management software that controls your whole group from one login.  Cross sell over multiple venues with real-time availability, gain in depth group wide reporting, and combine or segment databases across venues for in depth email marketing campaigns.

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