Christmas is the busiest time of the year for many venues, but with so much competition, it can be hard to ensure your online presence is seen. While you’ll always be busy on “Black Friday”, it’s filling up those mid-month Thursdays that really makes your month pop. 

But you won’t be alone trying to attract guests. Everyone around you will be the same. And with increasing numbers of people discovering venues and booking online, the internet is your new shop window.


So we sat down with our social media guru and Marketing Executive extraordinaire, Madeline, to discuss how best to boost your online presence for Christmas: 

“Christmas is coming and you want your bank balance to be the one getting fat. Which is why you need to treat your online presence with the importance it deserves. Everyone spends half their time on their phones now, and every year, the number of online bookings through ResDiary grows. So you need to be ready to capture that market.

But it’s no longer just about your own site. It’s likely your business has multiple social media accounts and you’re mentioned on lots of listings sites, alongside Google listings and on Google images. These are all places where new diners can find you and old diners can be reminded of you. Our ebook will run you through all the ways that you can ensure you’re putting your best foot forward on the internet, and presenting the best version of your venue to boost bookings. 

That’s why we’ve we’ve spoken to our expert team inhouse, chatted to successful restaurateurs, and put together this ebook to guide you through the process.”

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