The five stages of leaving OpenTable

By aurimas | Published on February 13th, 2017

Breaking up is hard to do. The end of any relationship is painful, you go through all the motions, self-doubt, hatred, rationalising and analysing every little detail.

Then you see the light, pack up your troubles and move on to a lighter and brighter future.

We hear this time and time again from folks who have left OpenTable and joined the happy ResDiary family. We hear it so often in fact we decided to write this handy 5 step guide to leaving Opentable.


You’ve signed that contract with that very persuasive OpenTable rep and you’ve got a “great working relationship” with your account manager.

“Incremental” bookings are coming in through their site that you just wouldn’t have gotten elsewhere, even your mum books through OpenTable now – you just pay £2 per cover for her business. However, that shows you’re getting great online exposure, right? They aren’t eating into your turnover.

It was a smart business move. It definitely was, wasn’t it?

2. Anger

Wait! You’ve just Googled your restaurant’s name and OpenTable has an ad above your site. Diners (including all your favourite regulars) are literally looking up your restaurant and you’re being charged the big bucks. And a bill just came in and it’s triple what you were promised. Not to mention the fact that your customers are being sent emails about other restaurants, including that new one round the corner that’s just stolen your sous chef. Something’s gotta be done, you’re leaving OpenTable!

3. Bargaining

Time to call your rep, who takes 2 weeks to get back to you. You say you’re leaving OpenTable, they tell you the Pay Per Click ads will come off. “We’ll give you a Diner’s Choice Award,” they say. Ok, you say. Let’s see how it goes…

4. Courage

The cost creeps up again and the PPC goes back on. The“award” you received and proudly displayed on your home page diverts diners to the OpenTable portal and you get charged £2. It’s time to leave! You look around at other systems. Bookatable is promising the earth, the moon and the stars (they only charge £7 per cover for Star Deals), Quandoo is at your door, and you happen across ResDiary, the “Rolls Royce” of restaurant booking systems. No commission, none at all – a simple, transparent flat fee, monthly only with easy sign up? This might be the one!

5. Joy!

You’ve joined ResDiary and it was all so smoooooth. You’ve got your database from OpenTable and your new customers belong to you. Now you’re marketing your own brand, not helping a big company build theirs. ResDiary trained your team leaders and the support guys know their stuff.

All your favourite OpenTable features are there and there are other cool features like ticketing & payments, W8list™, customisable confirmations and sophisticated yield management that’s so easy a puppy could do it.


Best of all, that bill at the end of the month is always the same. Who knew reservations could be like this?

Skip the Denial/ Anger/ Bargaining. Discover ResDiary now!