The GDPR: a guide 

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The GDPR was introduced on 25th May 2018. It’s still a little bit confusing, so why not become a GDPR-expert today with a little help from our ebook.

Check out our GDPR FAQs page where we outline what the GDPR is, answer a few questions about the new regulation and generally have a good ol’ natter. Read on for a snippet from our e-book.

What are the benefits?

  • Creating trust: With increasing amounts of data currently being stored across the internet, consumers are becoming more wary of giving out their information for fear of misuse. A key factor to the GDPR is being clear and transparent with your customers on the information you store and why – this can help build brand confidence.
  • Staying relevant: Customers now have the increased ability to control the content they consume and it’s now much easier for them to stop interacting with you by unsubscribing from mailing lists or deleting their data. This means brands will need to create better content to retain customers and keep them engaged and interacting with them. It’s always good to look ahead and improve your existing processes so you can get ahead of your competitors.
  • Improving the quality of your database: Just as the quality of food is important in any good restaurant, so too is the quality of your data. As the GDPR will result in you routinely sanitising your database, venues could benefit from higher open rates, clicks, and conversions resulting from their communications.

We’ve poured over the EU’s lengthy document about the GDPR and have been talking to hundreds of restaurants about the GDPR. That’s why we’ve put together this e-book to help give you a better understanding of the GDPR and how it relates to your business. 

Download the ebook

Now you are clued up on the benefits, download the full GDPR ebook below for all the
in depth knowledge on the GDPR.

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