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We are relaunching to help increase the bookings you get from our site. We’ve done a lot of work improving  the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of the site so that it will start to move up the Google rankings for searches in your area.

This means that is going to have a lot more diners visiting and you might need to make some improvements to ensure that you’re appearing high on the page for your location and cuisine.

Update your text

Do you just have “gastro pub” written as your description on It’s time to fix that. The more information you put on your page, the more likely diners will find you and make a booking. Without telling everyone your life story, you should add some more text to your microsite, focusing on what food you serve, and the history behind your venue.

Update your text

Update menus

Now we don’t wanna nag, but some of you still have Christmas 2017 menus on your site. Guests want to know that what they’re seeing is timely, so you should regularly update your menus, making sure they are your most recent.


Upload menus

Update photos

Apps like Instagram have trained diners to “eat with their eyes”, and how your venue looks online can have a big difference to your bookings. If the photos on your ResDiary site are not up to scratch, now is a good time to refresh them.

Upload photos

Add promotions

Using promotions is a great way to attract people to book your restaurant. In later iterations of our site, we’re going to give diners the option to search by promotions, which will help attract more bookings. If you run a pre-theatre menu, or a discount on Tuesdays, add it to your ResDiary promotions and get more bookings.

Set up promotions

Update cuisine tags

The new site will soon allow people to search for restaurants by both location and cuisine. And we filter those results by the tags on your microsite. If you’re an Italian restaurant in London and you don’t have “Italian” tagged, you’re not going to appear in relevant searches.

Set up new tags

Take reviews

We can’t stress how important it is to take ResDiary Reviews. Take reviews! Not only do they help you move up the rankings on, they can also help with your own site’s Google ranking, as Google pulls ResDiary Reviews through to your Google Business page.

If you don’t take reviews, you won’t be ranked high on our listings, meaning the chance of potential diners finding you is less.


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