By admin | Published on September 11th, 2017

Right folks, it’s time to talk about Christmas planning. (Sorry!) Maybe your venue is going all out, you’ve booked a Santa, your planned tree is so big you’re considering moving the ceiling and you’ve had your festive playlist sorted since February. Or maybe you’re too cool for Christmas and are giving people a place to relax away from the glitter and endless Mariah Carey.

Either way, you’ll probably be busier than normal and it’s time to get things organised. We’ve got so many features to help out, all you’ll want for Christmas is a set of smellies. (And not a month-long spa retreat.)


Mad Friday is coming up, you can’t find that table of 18’s order and the chef is demanding to do his orders, it’s a total nightmare.
Or not. Send out pre-orders automatically at the point of booking with ResDiary Pre-Orders. The system automatically reminds guests that their order needs to be submitted and all their choices are stored in your ResDiary system where you can print them out or report on them.

No more mistakes, stressed-out staff, or angry chefs.

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Ticketing and Payments

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the most profitable if you have the correct tools. ResDiary lets you take payments, deposits and even sell tickets directly through the system, both online and internally. It’s perfect for deterring no-shows and securing your revenue.

Using our PCI payment partner Stripe, the money goes straight to your account and you have access to detailed reports to keep track of everything.

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With ResDiary promotions, you can set up festive menus and special events on your diary, making sure all bookings are taken correctly. Pre-payments, menus and pre-orders can be added to promotions, helping you organise everything from one system. Customised email confirmations let customers know when they are coming, what they are eating and what they have paid.

There’ll be no Mariah-style tantrums this Christmas.

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Yield Management

We all know that you’re probably trying to fit in as many guests as possible in December.

Chairs come out from basements, trestle tables are dusted down and chefs are warned; “bring your Red Bull!” Which is why you need to look at your Yield Management settings. Ensure that you have set the correct amount of covers per time slot for your busy days and control how many times you turn your tables.

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Sell vouchers for monetary amounts or experiences both online and internally and secure some extra revenue for the post-Christmas period. Using ResDiary you can customise voucher emails, or send gorgeous gift-cards, all provided through our PCI compliant payment provider Stripe. Report on what has been sold, what has been redeemed and which options are most popular, all through your ResDiary system.

What greater gift to give than a great night out?

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And for goodness sake – don’t forget the sprouts!!