Give your diners the royal treatment...with VIP status alerts.

They say you shouldn’t have favourites, but at ResDiary we say you should! Adding those little personal touches makes everyone’s day seem better. This is why we have introduced V.I.P status alerts on the ResDiary Online reservation system.

By ResDiary | Published on January 17th, 2017

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How it works

With V.I.P alerts you can highlight regular diners as V.I.Ps  to ensure they get the five star treatment they deserve; from an excellent reservation journey to a unique dining experience. All designed maximize their worth to your business.

  • You better “Beliebe”it : V.I.Ps can be rated from 1-5 stars – good for differentiating between the manager’s friend and Justin Bieber.
  • Exclusive News – Pull off lists of V.I.Ps so that you can send them exclusive deals. This can be tailored by V.I.P level.
  • Skip the deposit – Set the diary to skip taking deposits or card details from V.I.P customers.
  • Hey big spender Use our RFM model  report (recency, frequency & monetary value) to find out who your most visited customers are (or biggest spenders if you have EPOS) and add them to the V.I.P list.

Once you have tagged your V.I.Ps, set up email/text message alerts in the diary that will inform you of any V.I.P bookings or arrivals to your chosen phone number or email address. Please note that text messages will only work if you have SMS enabled in your diary.