Black Friday 2021


Using tech to optimise the online opportunity for your restaurant


by ResDiary & SumUp

Black Friday 2021 lands on November 26th, and at first thought, it may seem like heavily discounted retail offers and restaurant reservations aren’t a natural fit when it comes to boosting bookings. However, with Google reporting that 72% of the top 25 highest online sales days for restaurants were in November and December,  it’s crucial that your venue is prepared to maximise the opportunity, to grow your online bookings, and revenue across November and December.

In this blog we explore how applying some clever tech, from ResDiary and SumUp , will make sure this Black Friday is your best yet. Read our tips from pre-service, to in-service operations, as well as post-dining.


Did you know that 89% of dining research is done via mobile device by a diner, before booking and visiting a restaurant? Combine this with the fact that search engine traffic increased by almost 20% during the Black Friday period in 2020 and the message is clear; you need to be optimising the online booking experience for your diners, and benefitting from the uplift in online activity—not simply relying on walk-ins.



One of the easiest ways to capitalise on Black Friday is to entice potential diners to book into your venue by setting up exclusive offers, discounts, and deals online to create a sense of urgency e.g “ Book today and receive free dessert”. ResDiary’s promotions feature is perfect for this. You can set up your promotions, set validity periods,  and tie them in with a specific menu, service, or area of your venue. Once your promotion is live, it can be integrated into the booking process. The diner can then find these via your website, or social media, and access them directly through your booking widget. 

You can also create widgets for specific promotions and share them with your various channel partners. This is a fantastic way to discover which booking channels, and offers, are delivering for your business.


Payments and deposits

Tempting a diner with a special offer is a great first step, but making sure that they actually turn up on the day and you aren’t left with an empty table at a peak time, is another matter. There are a number of steps you can incorporate into the booking process to discourage and reduce no-shows. For example, payments and deposits.

 Initially, this might sound like a deterrent, but incorporating a payment option into your booking process secures your revenue. It also creates a seamless experience for the diner. If you are taking a deposit while using the ResDiary and SumUp integration, this amount can be stored with the booking in SumUp. It will then be deducted from the final bill automatically.



Pre-orders are another  lifesaver during busy periods. With Pre Order by ResDiary you can create menus, attach them to promotions and even add a payment option. Your diners are emailed their menu to make their choices, sent reminders as well as confirmation requests before their visit. This saves you a ton of admin and eliminates any potential human error.

“ResDiary’s Pre-Order app makes pre-ordering so simple for customers. As it is fully integrated with the booking process, all staff can now take large party bookings without me worrying about mistakes and reminder emails are only a button press away, saving us lots of time.

-Emma, Reception Manager, On the Waterfront, Exeter

Pre-orders are perfect for parties of all sizes, but particularly useful when it comes to processing larger groups. Taking orders and payments in advance has other operational benefits, for example. Sending out your menu and processing payments in advance saves time at the table, and frees up your staff to focus on delivering great service. It also shaves time off the duration your guests are at their table, which allows a faster turnaround time for your team and optimises your service even further


During a busy service, you want your technology to be reliable and support your team. You need it to be delivering real time updates of availability, meal status, walk-ins, and allowing you to have a clear overall picture of what’s happening at any time. ResDiary’s integration with iPad-based point of sale software by SumUp, makes service simple for all types of restaurant businesses. Using ResDiary alongside SumUp allows you to organise your staff and tables with ease and on the go, so that every service goes smoothly. Create your customised table plan as well as allocate specific sections of your restaurant to different staff members so you can operate efficiently as a team. During service, you can also keep an eye on ongoing orders via your iPad, with a clear overview of any order changes or updates all in real-time.

The SumUp and ResDiary integration is end-to-end, meaning whatever you do on one platform will be updated accordingly on the other. For example, if you accommodate last-minute, walk-in customers, registering this info with  SumUp will also update the grid or table view on your ResDiary account.


By now, things should be feeling pretty good. You have created offers, secured your bookings with payments, and delivered a seamless in-service experience. However, there is one final benefit to using tech in your venue- that all important data. ResDiary provides you with over 40 customisable reports, telling venues everything from no-show rates, to their average table duration.


ResDiary and SumUp’s deep integration facilitates the smooth flow of data between your systems, so you can review what’s working, what can be improved, access customer spend data, and accurately monitor your stock. You’ll also be able to transfer customer data between both softwares, so you can get to know your regulars and how they interact with your business.

All these insights will allow you to accurately forecast, grow your online bookings, and revenue. Plus they will make preparing for the next seasonal event even easier!

Optimising your operation like this has lasting benefits outside of the opportunities created by Black Friday.

 “You are creating a set up to cope with seasonal events all year round”.

Jill Massey, UK/EU Sales Team Lead, ResDiary

 So, think big when it comes to other seasonal opportunities: Hospitality Black Friday 17th December, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s or even National Garlic Day on April 19th!


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