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ResDiary has partnered with Hot Dinners – London’s leading restaurant news and reviews site. For almost nine years they have built themselves up into the first place clued-up Londoners go if they want help in deciding where to eat out or drink.The site is run by Gavin and Catherine Hanly – who have been on the Evening Standard’s Progress 1000 list (which highlights London’s most influential people) for the past seven years. It’s the go-to place for Londoners who like to know where the newest and best restaurants are.

ResDiary and Hot Dinners

ResDiary has agreed a partnership with Hot Dinners, giving ResDiary client access to their 1.3m website visitors every year.
Hot Dinners dominates SEO for new and upcoming restaurant openings, so it’s particularly useful for restaurants on the cusp of opening. But they also perform very well for seasonal organic searches – coming first on Google for Restaurants in London on New Year’s Eve for example.

Find out what people are saying about Hot Dinners

“I only subscribe to one newsletter, Hot Dinners …It keeps me up to date and they don’t try to compete with newspaper critics.
Their stuff is more measured and broadly informative, which is helpful.”

Diana Henry – cookbook author

“Hot Dinners is a very on-the-pulse resource for the latest news.
If you’re stuck for places to go out, check out their constantly updating list of new and recently opened London restaurants.”

Jason Atherton – Michelin starred chef


How much does it cost?

If you’re already a ResDiary client, there won’t be any additional charge to be featured on Hot Dinners.
There is simply a charge of £1 per booked cover commission, so if you don’t take any bookings, you don’t have to pay anything.*
*Available to London customers only

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