Every hotel owner or manager spends a good portion of their time figuring out the best ways  to increase the revenue from their rooms. But with Christmas approaching and people always looking for fresh dining options, it’s time to start thinking about how to improve the revenue from your tables. Hotel restaurants are increasingly becoming more popular, with high-end chefs and big names cooking at some of the best hotels in the world.

Is it time you spent more time on your restaurant? Perhaps it’s doing OK but you’d like to see how you can boost things further?


We grabbed our Co-CEO Richard, a hospitality veteran and ex hotel Operations Manager to discuss why tables could be your growth area for the festive season and beyond:

“When I worked for Macdonald Hotels, our restaurants were part of the lifeblood of the hotel. Being a well-known venue in their areas, people would book in for dinner for special occasions, and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and even a few engagements with us. However, we often see hoteliers overlooking their restaurants, seeing them as just a place for guests to eat and putting them second behind room bookings on the revenue streams. 

At ResDiary, we supply thousands of hotels and we actively work to get them to boost their restaurants. If they use electronic systems, this isn’t too hard as most of the tools are at your fingertips. And with all the integration options that are available in the industry, making your hotel restaurant the best it can be, really isn’t too much of a slog these days.”

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