By Zopaash | Published on September 26th, 2017

Pay per click is the superhero of internet advertising so get your cape on and lets get started…

In the world of digital marketing, getting customers to notice you can be difficult amidst all the noise. Now, with the rise of internet use, getting noticed on Google is one of the most important parts of marketing. In our last chapter we discussed search engine optimisation (SEO), but what happens if you need quick results and want to get on the first page of Google’s listings fast? You apply pay per click (PPC) advertising. SEO and PPC go together like pb and jam, like Lois Lane and Superman, like Batman and Robin, and the two should be worked on simultaneously to get the best results.

how to do ppc

What is PPC?

Google Adwords, PPC, paid searches – these are all terms you may have come across in the restaurant marketing world, but do you understand what pay per click actually means? If not, don’t panic, we’re flying in with some help. “Pay per click” adverts are the highlighted boxes that you see at the top or bottom of an internet search engine’s home page.

If you type in certain keywords, these ads come up. When you click on them, the person or company who set up the ad will pay the search engine for that action. Some terms are really cheap, whereas others are really expensive. Some (betting sites for example) can be up to £100 per click.

how to do ppc

Wait why wouldn’t I just work on my SEO?

You can and you absolutely should work on your SEO. However, there are many factors attached to SEO and it can take a long time to move up the rankings, especially if you are a new business or have changed websites. PPC helps you fly right up to the top of the page and appear first for specific keywords. So, you either stick with the hand you’re dealt and work on your SEO, waiting for your natural listings to rise, or do some PPC to optimise quickly.

how to do ppc


For the purpose of this piece we’re mainly going to talk about Google as it’s the most popular search engine, where the majority of ads are placed. Google Adwords is the program that allows you to set up your ads. With Adwords, you can create an advert to show up when an internet searcher types in specific words. For example, people looking to eat out in Glasgow may search “best restaurants in Glasgow” or “fine dining Glasgow” and you link your advert to those words. It’s common for more than one company to bid on the same keywords, which means you have to bid against competitors to appear on the search engine results page. (SERP)

How to start setting up an AdWords PPC campaign?

You now have some more information about Adwords and PPC and you want to launch your campaign.

  1. Start by setting up your Google AdWords account here
  2. Have a look at this playlist made by Google AdWords which features a series of short videos covering the whole PPC campaign creation process
  3. If you prefer reading material this Google guide also covers the same information and ultimately lead to the same end goal

As someone starting out you might want to focus on just Search Network and leave Display Network for later time. (Search network is when people specifically type in a keyword and your text advert comes up in the SERP. Display Network marketing is usually banners on websites. These can be targeted to just show on certain websites or appear based on terms your targeted audience has previously searched for.)

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