Increasing your Christmas revenue: 

the guide

Christmas is one of the most important times of the year for restaurants. That month and the impression you create can make or break businesses. 

Which is why it’s important to get yourself properly set up for the month of December. 


We spoke to ResDiary Hospitality Consultant, and former General Manager, Ciorstaidh about the main things to focus on.

Having worked in all different types of hospitality venues, from bar/clubs, to burger joints, and Highland hotels, the one thing that always comes up at Christmas is organisation.
Every manager has been guilty of under-preparing and with everything going on, it’s easy to do. (True story, I once forgot to collect holiday requests and ended up working 9am – 1am for five days in a row. Then I slept all Christmas day as I was so tired…)
Now, at ResDiary, I spend the whole of August and September reminding and helping restaurant managers to get their diary organised for Christmas. Every year, the ones who do are the most successful. They’re the ones who grow their database, who cut their man-hours, and who, most importantly, end up with a healthy bottom line.

That’s why we crunched the data, talked to restaurateurs, and put our years of knowledge together to come up with this ebook. Follow the tips and it should help you have a smooth (OK, as smooth as is possible) December, and give your guests the best Christmas night out they’ve ever had. And, hopefully, help your restaurant revenue management!

Download the ebook! 


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