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You may be a ResDiary guru, an expert in all things reservations, the queen of the cloud-based system but there may be a few tricks that have passed you by. Read on to see the top shortcuts and time-saving tips from our team.

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Keyboard shortcuts

When you’re in the middle of service, every second counts. Which is why we have keyboard shortcuts to help you access the main diary features at the tap of a button.

The easiest way to access them is by clicking on SHIFT + / which will bring up the legend. With the tap of a couple of keys you can be inputting bookings, creating walk ins, and adding people to the W8List within seconds.

Minimise the toolbar

If you have a big venue or a small computer you may need to scroll down to see your bottom tables on ResDiary. Tapping on the upwards arrow on the top right and minimising the header toolbar can help with this. Perfect for use in-service, all you see is the diary, expected arrivals, the date, and the book button. All your usual functionality; expected arrivals, dragging and dropping, table allocation, and the ability to edit bookings, is available and you just need to click one button to get the full toolbar back. Easy.

This feature will also have some great additions coming soon. Watch this space!


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