By Claire | Published on June 6th, 2017

Moving from Design My Night to ResDiary: A case study

The Customer:

Richard Brown, owner and co-founder of Beastro Manchester.


ResDiary v Design My Night

The Venue:

Beastro is a trendy venue in the centre of Manchester. It began as a street food stall and was involved in some high-profile kitchen take-overs before finding a permanent home in Spinningfields. It’s a meat-feast extravaganza with a refined feel, sporting a chef’s table and a seasonally changing menu.


Beastro had already signed up to Collins Design My Night prior to opening. Richard had seen ResDiary in 2015 and thought it looked a little complicated. After signing with Design My Night, he used ResDiary briefly at a restaurant take-over and realised that it was actually a better system. He was thinking about calling ResDiary to see if it was possible to change over when, by chance, one of the sales team called him. Following a demonstration of the system and comparing ResDiary v Design My Night, Richard took the plunge and decided to leave Design My Night:

“When I went through ResDiary with the sales team, I realised that it was a superior system and really easy to use. It just made sense to change over. ResDiary did everything we needed it to do and more and we realised it would really benefit our business.”

The Process

Richard and the team hadn’t properly opened their permanent venue when they signed to ResDiary so the process was completely bespoke from the beginning.

“Setting up was really simple and the team helped so much. I did a bit of work setting it up, the ResDiary team did a bit of work setting it up and it was all really straightforward.

Every time I came across anything I needed changed, the support team sorted it out straight away. I had two online training sessions, then two or three calls to support and we were good to go.

From our point of view, the team has been incredibly helpful, always on hand and super knowledgeable.”

Beastro have a particularly impressive website and were keen for their online bookings to fit perfectly in with their site.


“Our site is really important to us and we needed our widget to look professional. We used the ResDiary widget configerator, which you just set up yourself and it’s really simple to do.

Unlike other systems, we could have the online bookings totally customised so it looks like part of our site.”

Beastro’s getting started process

  • Sign up to ResDiary (Day 1)
  • Fill in a diary build form: this allows our team to configure a diary based on your exact specifications. (Day 2-4)
  • Arrange a set up and training session. Here our specialised team ensured Richard and his staff had everything set up perfectly and knew how to make changes for future business developments. (Day 5-7)
  • Restaurant receives ResDiary log in and online booking details. (Day 5-7)
  • Introduction to the support team. (Day 5-7)
  • Input any future bookings (5-7)
  • Advanced training session to ensure staff and management know how the system works (day 7-14)
  • Additional support around “go live” day (For Beastro this was around a month after sign up)

The Results

Beastro have a system that manages their tables and also gives them the flexibility that their business needs. While Design My Night is a system built for bars and enquiries, now branching into table management, ResDiary is a table management system that can deal with any type of booking.

“There are lots of features in the system that we’re looking forward to using. The training team are so helpful and are always offering session to go through the advanced extras. We know the more we learn, the better it’s going to get.

At the moment, ResDiary is working perfectly for us. One thing that we think is fantastic is the great table layout. The actual use of it in-service is so easy and it’s great being able to see my full day or split down parts of the day.”


ResDiary V Design My Night

"The staff really enjoy using ResDiary too, they picked it up really quickly and are getting better every day at using it in service.”

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