By aurimas | Published on April 27th, 2017

The process of leaving Quandoo: a case study

leaving Quandoo

The Customer 

Olivier Foucre, General Manager, Bertram’s Restaurant, Burnley, UK.

The Venue 

Bertram’s is a multi-faceted venue in Burnley, UK. It includes a restaurant, rooms, private dining areas, a terrace and is also linked to a spa. Bertram’s seats in excess of 6,000 guest every month and is generally very busy.

The History 

At the start of 2016, Bertram’s were on the lookout for a new booking system. They spoke to both ResDiary and Quandoo and decided on the latter. We kept in touch with Olivier and he contacted us in January 2017 to take a fresh look at the system. Olivier found that ResDiary’s functionality was better suited to his extremely fast-paced operation and decided to make the switch. He began the process of leaving Quandoo and moving to ResDiary a week later.


The Problem

Bertram’s Restaurant is a very busy venue. Olivier and his team deal with anything from 6,000-10,000 guests per month, all using varying degrees of the venue’s facilities. Some customers come just for dinner, while others use the spa or stay in one of the three rooms onsite. Therefore, the team need robust systems to deal with their operations. Bertram’s used Bookatable previously but moved to Quandoo because they felt they needed a better system. However, they found that neither system was dealing with their reservations in the precise way that they needed them to.

opentable connect

The Solution

Olivier and his team had an in-depth meeting with the ResDiary team and realised that the software did exactly what they were looking for. Many top restaurants near Bertram’s use ResDiary and the praise of his peers, alongside live demonstrations, made Olivier believe that leaving Quandoo and joining ResDiary would aid their business.

“We decided to move over to ResDiary because of a number of reasons. We loved the fact that we would be able to process deposits and payments through the system. It’s even better that it’s completely secure. Previously, our restaurant manager, Emma,  spent a lot of time with a big spreadsheet working out deposits so this saves so much time. 

Also, ResDiary works with our room booking system, Guestline. That’s really good for customer service. The actual moving over and leaving Quandoo was easy. Our account manager gave us great customer service while being really  patient. The support team fixed any issues we had in the beginning within 24 hours and have been great.” 

Moving over 

  • Fill in a diary build form: this allows our team to build a diary based on your exact specifications. (Day 2-4)
  •  Arrange a set up and training session. Here, our team made sure Olivier and his staff had everything set up perfectly and showed them how to make changes in future. (Day 5-7)
  • Restaurant receives ResDiary log in and online booking details. (Day 5-7)
  • Introduction to the support team. (Day 5-7)
  • Input database and bookings from the previous system. For Olivier this was a manual process but it can be automated. (Day 5-7)
  • Arrange a second training session. This ensures staff and management have an indepth overview of the system.(Day 7-14)

The Solution

Since leaving Quandoo, Bertram’s have been enjoying the operational benefits of using ResDiary. They have a partnership that focuses on their restaurant’s needs, and that charges them no commission.

Both of Olivier’s previous reservation systems charged Bertram’s for bookings through their site, unlike ResDiary. Now, Olivier can budget properly, because, using ResDiary, he always knows what his next bill will be. The flexible software also means they spend a lot less time manually managing reservations.

“We can now restrict our bookings per timeslot, give each user different settings and streamline our customer service. The ResDiary team are very pro-active, getting in touch and seeing how we are doing with ResDiary.

We have a really steady, loyal customer database and because of this, we’re full most of the time. The move wasn’t about gaining bookings, just cutting out the man hours involved in handling them.”

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