Becoming a ResDiary licensee

Are you a talented seller operating outside of our areas? Perhaps you’re a partner company and you’d like to sell ResDiary as part of a package. You’re maybe an entrepreneurial spirit who thinks you could improve your profits and ours offering ResDiary to your local market.

It’s a pretty flexible opportunity; we have guys working from beach houses in Bali, teams selling over poutine in Toronto, and business conducted from sun loungers in Malta. (Note: cool locations are not mandatory.)

But great as it all sounds, we need to be honest. We’re not really looking for resellers or licensees at the moment. We’re focusing on our core markets, and making sure our offering there is as great as possible.


We have a bit of a habit of recruiting great talent and if you think you could be really beneficial to our business, selling lots of diaries, promoting our system, and adding to our 100-strong team, then drop us a line.

We currently supply over 9,000 diaries in 62 countries, seating millions of covers a year, and we’re a great business to get involved with. Our team is passionate about hospitality and technology, and if you are too, we’d be delighted to talk to you.