ResDiary and Love Your Pub

ResDiary has joined forces with The Love Your Pub Group to help drive marketing for our venues in the South of England. (And elsewhere in future.)

Love Your Pub is a trade marketing tool, committed to driving footfall, spend per head, and increased revenue to businesses. Although it is called Love Your Pub, it also prides itself on showcasing restaurants, bars, and hotels to the public and their followers. Love Your Pub allows hospitality venues to tap into a new network of customers who are just waiting to find some great venues.


How can my business benefit?

ResDiary customers can list on Love Your Pub and receive incremental bookings straight into their diary. There are no extra charges from ResDiary’s side, or for individual reservations although you may pay a listing fee to Love Your Pub as part of your package.

Any reservations you receive from ResDiary partnerships feed into your diary, following your normal rules and booking limits. Best of all, customers who opt into marketing are added to  your ResDiary marketing database and can be contacted with future events, offers, or information, encouraging them to return.

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