Meet the Team: William Barry

Sales Manager for Ireland & Northern Ireland

Since taking the helm as Sales Managerfor Ireland & Northern Ireland William has been transformational in the market, helping over 500 restaurateurs switch their bookings from pen and paper, or other systems, to ResDiary.

ResDiary: Can you tell us about how you came to work in the industry?

William Barry: I grew up in the business, My folks had a restaurant in Ballydehob, West Cork, for 27 years. I was working in it from a very young age , then I worked in the drinks industry for years for Diageo, before joining ResDiary.


RD: Why is now a good time for hospitality venues to start using a TMS system in their venue?

WB: The demand for tables has never been higher and at the same time choice has never been wider, restaurants need to make it as easy as possible for guests to make bookings and this means being able to take an online reservation 24/7 at a time that suits the guest and not what suits the restaurants, a guest sending a reservation enquiry on a Sunday morning doesn’t want to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday morning for a reply,  if they are made to wait for too long, then they  are more liklely to book elsewherefor a confirmed reservation.


RD:What is the most important thing for a venue to consider when making the switch?

WB: Staff Training- each venue needs to look at the reservations handlers in each venue and decide how comfortable that person will be making the switch from Pen and Paper to Online.  With ResDiary all training is provided, it’s a great tool to empower the staff in the restaurants.


RD:What do you think is the next booking/ tech trend for the restaurant industry in Ireland and Northern Ireland?

WB: I expect we will see more pre-payments where guests will pay in full or a % of the menu price at the time of making a reservation. This will start with the high end restaurants and  then filter down over time.


RD: Finally, do you have a favourite restaurant in Dublin to recommend to our followers?

WB: I have many favourites! They change with time of year, or the group im eating with. I also think Belfast has some fantastic restaurants too.

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