Switching from pen and paper:


“I think it got lost in my DMs? What? My DMs!”

Switching pen and paper ResDiary



Michael’s is a high quality seafood restaurant in Mount Merrion in Dublin. Spearheaded by Gaz Smith, Michael’s chooses the freshest and best ingredients Ireland has to offer.

They were using pen and paper and it was creating a lot of extra admin. Gaz was taking bookings over the phone, receiving hundreds of emails, and getting a ton of DMs every day to his very popular twitter account requesting tables of 4 at 7pm on a Saturday night. The process was getting very messy.

“On Mondays we would come in and have about 50 people wanting to make bookings to reply to. Usually by the time we got through them all, tables would be snapped up by other people. It was a very messy process.”

The problem to solve

There was a need for a system to manage their time better, so they were spending less time organising reservations, and more time with customers.

“We wanted to move away from pen and paper as it was creating a lot of extra admin. Plus, we wanted to store customer details so we could understand our customers better and it was easier for them to book.”

“We were quite reluctant to start with but our fears were put at ease once we had a demo with William.”

A helping hand 

 After signing up to ResDiary, Gaz received support from the team every step of the way, and managed to get the perfect set up for his restaurant in only a couple of weeks.

“The ResDiary team helped migrate our existing reservations over to the diary very easily, and they explained things in a way that was friendly and easy to understand. Then re-explained things again once we’d forgotten, all with a sense of humour.”

“The follow up service from ResDiary is excellent and they help you make small tweaks to your system to make things even better.”

Around 40-50% of Michael’s reservations are now online

What’s changed?

“ResDiary completely changed the way we work. It’s made us more efficient and frees up more staff members to work on other things like delivering excellent customer service.”

“ResDiary was a no-brainer, it was so cost-effective.”

How does it benefit the business?

“We like to make the restaurant experience special for our customers so the customer notes feature is the best for that. We always update diner preferences, “Mrs Jones loves her steak medium/well, Mr Campbell enjoys a dry white” etc. It helps to build an encyclopedic knowledge of our guests.”

“I have no hesitation recommending ResDiary, my only regret is not signing up two years ago, I would’ve avoided a lot of hassle, and saved a lot of money.”

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