Where to go for a first date in Glasgow

Whether you started chatting on Tinder, Grindr, met through a mate or locked eyes in the street, you’ve put in the graft and as Paddy Mcguinness would say “You’ve got yourself a date!” Now where to go with your lovely love interest? Not to worry we’ve done the searching and found the best places for a date in Glasgow. 

things to do for a date in glasgow

For the casual "couple"


Make your way towards the twinkly lights of Ashton Lane and you’ll find the oh so cosy Brel, the perfect place to start or end an evening. Dim lighting, candles, and coming complete with an outdoor garden, this place is very likely to get you in the mood.  However, if the date isn’t going so well and you want to get the hell out of Brel, the dim lighting allows an easy escape to one of many exits (one of which is conveniently located a minutes walk from the subway).

37-43 Ashton Ln, Glasgow G12 8SJ

It's a date
things to do for a date in glasgow

If you're looking to shake things up

Gin 71
Out of all the things to do for a date in Glasgow, going out for a drink is a safe bet.  We get it, first dates can be weird and sometimes we need a bit of liquor to loosen up, which is why Gin71 is a perfect date destination.  With 70 gins on offer and more booze than you can shake a maraca at, you’ll be feeling relaxed in no time.  

71 Renfield St, Glasgow G2 1LP

It's a date
things to do for a date in glasgow

Spice things up


With eccentric bric a brac adorning the walls and ceilings, Thaikun is an affordable date venue for people who like a bit of spice.  Located conveniently in Silverburn shopping centre, if your date is going less than “thairiffic” you won’t need your mates to fake call you: you can drown your sorrows with some retail therapy.

5, Silverburn Shopping Centre, Silverburn, Glasgow G53 6AF

It's a date
things to do for a date in glasgow

For the relaxed date


If your idea of a good date is a bottle of Buckfast down the park while Cascada’s “Everytime we touch”  blares from your phone then the only thing your date will be feeling is despair.  Let us help you out.  Lebowskis, otherwise known as home of the White Russian, is a relaxed venue offering an extensive range of cocktails (some with Buckfast), beers wines and great burgers, sure to set you up for the night ahead.

1008 Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8LX

It's a date

By Zopaash | Published on September 5th, 2017

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