By Zopaash | Published on July 17th, 2017

hutchesons city grill

An iconic venue...

The iconic institution Hutchesons is about to get a whole lot better (if that’s even possible).  Hutchesons is set to be transformed into Hutchesons City Grill as operators RUSK & RUSK seek to bolster its reputation as one of Scotland’s flagship restaurants.

With a solid reputation as being one of the most fashionable venues in the country you may ask yourself, why the revamp?  In the words of co-founder James Rusk, “We need to make sure we are constantly evolving with the times and we see now as the perfect opportunity to create a new-look Hutchesons”. We cannot wait for the relaunch and here’s what you can expect to see in the new look Hutchesons.  


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Hutchesons City Grill

Sublime dining at Hutchesons City Grill

It may be hard to believe but this building, which is now home to one of the most exquisite dining rooms in the city, used to be a bank, a library, and even a school. Attention to detail is everywhere, from the gorgeous stained glass to the ornate plasterwork throughout, so you can guarantee the food served here is going to be nothing short of sublime.  

Already touted as Scotland’s authority on beef, Hutchesons boasts a reputation for exceptional steak serving some of the finest cuts of steak from around the world. You can hope to sink your chops into cuts sourced from the finest breeds of cattle from across the world, with Scotch beef remaining as the staple of the venue.

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Hutchesons City Grill

Bring on the glam at The 158 Lounge!

The 158 Club Lounge is a homage to old school Glasgow glamour, with soulful jazz music, free-flowing liquor and sultry décor. Champagne will be flowing , along with a revamped cocktail list, we warn you there’s so much choice, it will make your head spin, in a good way of course!


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Unrivaled private dining in the Glenfarclas Dining Room...

For guests who enjoy a more private dining experience, The Glenfarclas Suite provides an experience like no other.  Whatever the occasion, this unique room is a serene haven for diners.  Here, guests can benefit from pure exclusivity, with their personal server, private bathroom and dedicated attention.  We guarantee guests will leave feeling like royalty.

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Essential events at Hutchesons City Grill for every foodie!

Bubbles & Brunch from £50 for two – Girls day out or a weekend date with Mum? Indulge in this mid morning dose of luxury.

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Chateaubriand Thursdays from £60 for two – For a special mid-week treat, a sumptuous steak is always a winner.

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