New ResDiary Features - Release 9.4 June 2016

This month’s release is all about control. Controlling your W8List durations, function enquiries and permissions for who sees your customer data. We’ve also added features to track cancellations and allow diners to create their own profiles.
Learn more below, including support articles and tutorial videos.
Please remember to clear your cache to access all new functionality fully.

Manage your flow of enquiries

If you don’t want to take function enquiries for the current week, you can now set this up in the diary. You can also allow enquiries to be made when you are closed or have no availability, allowing you to make decisions on bookings that are best for your business. Enquiries can also be filtered into “created,” “accepted” or “cancelled” making it easier to see exactly what is going on.

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w8t list

Supervise your cancellations

Cancellation reasons and cancelled booking types can also be viewed more clearly with our overhaul of the cancellation functionality. You can now apply cancellation reasons on internal and online bookings and separate reasons for W8List and function enquiries. This gives clearer reporting and better filter options on cancelled booking types. The reports will also allow you to see if the cancelled bookings had deposits attached or card details stored.

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Permission settings for customer data

Set permissions to allow selected staff access to customer data reports whilst others are not permitted. Permissions can be set to restrict:

  • Exporting customer lists to csv
  • Exporting marketing lists to csv
  • Ability to access all reports and export
w8t list

Control W8List booking duration

This will let you squeeze W8List bookings into shorter durations than normal, allowing you to maximise covers. The table will slot in and you will have the ability to accept, seat and manage it like a normal booking.

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profile login

Diners Can Now Create Profiles

Potential customers can login and create profiles on In here they can view their past and future bookings, edit their profile and details.  It means they can make and edit bookings quickly and smoothly, ensuring their booking process is as simple as possible. We’ve given guests the ability to favourite restaurants on our portal so they can find you fast, when they want to visit.