Benefits of an online booking system?

It's a kind of magic

Remember the old days? You could live your whole life without so much as thinking about a computer. Now, with the wave of a wand (and a Google Chrome login), you can find unlimited information at the tap of a button; from where that friend from high school is, to the benefits of an online booking system. Terrible isn’t it? Actually no. Despite the drawbacks of our constantly connected life, the internet is a huge piece of amazingness for restaurateurs and we’re going to tell you why.


Online booking systems that’s why.

Only a few years ago, every restaurant reservation in the world was done manually. A guest would pop in and make a booking, give the venue a call, or drop over an email. Restaurant managers and owners would spend days off and parts of busy evenings, searching for the paper book and jotting down reservations. Things have changed, but it’s still how many venues work now.

Don’t get us wrong. We all used to love our paper book. But when the internet came along and we discovered the benefits of an online booking system, our love was quickly rescinded. ResDiary was founded by a restaurant owner who just wanted a system that meant he could enjoy his days off, knowing that online bookings were turned on when his phone wasn’t.


So what are the real benefits of an online booking system?


Did you know that 64% of mobile searches for restaurant bookings result in an immediate reservation or one within an hour? The world is online now. Generations who barely remember a world without the internet are more likely to make a booking with a couple of taps, than by calling a venue. If you don’t have an online presence, or you don’t take online reservations, you could be missing out on hungry humans looking for food now.


How often do you find yourself diverting the booking line to your mobile? How often do you wish you could wave a magic wand and enjoy a family meal without checking your emails for bookings? Ever wish you had a time turner to give yourself a few more hours in the day?
With an online booking system you do. Your system is turned on 24 hours a day, working hard taking those bookings, even when you’re asleep. No need to worry about overbooking, or juggling tables. Your internal diary is set up to take exactly the amount of bookings you require, where and when you would normally put them.


Using an online restaurant reservation system like ResDiary, lots of data is collected automatically. Not only do customers have the option to opt in to marketing, you can also automatically set what information the online system takes. It means you can get your thinking hat on during quiet times and let them know about interesting offers or events by email. It also means no more scrawled notes, missing a phone numberor email address, and an indecipherable surname. Everything is all laid out simply, ready for the reservation to turn up.
Added to this, having booking information stored digitally means it’s there to report on at a later date if you want to check how busy certain days are, or compare year on year figures. Systems like ResDiary are your very own Room of Requirement; the perfect place to store everything you may need later.

benefits of an online booking system


Staff rotas are the bane of every restaurateur’s life. You’re either overstaffed or understaffed, and on the off-chance everything is running smoothly, a table of 40 is bound to pop in or drop out, spoiling the whole evening. While nothing can stop any unexpected issues altogether, one of the benefits of an online reservation system is that they can help you plan ahead. Comprehensive yield management stops too many bookings being taken at the same time, while clever reporting allows you to forecast your bookings and your staffing levels in advance. Hermione would be proud of those organisational skills.

So what are you still carrying around that big book for? Now you can see the benefits of an online reservation system, it’s time to dump the tome. Burn it. Throw it out.

You’re going digital and neither can live while the other survives.

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