Case study: moving to ResDiary from Eveve NZ

The customer: 

Elly Bucher, co-owner, BBQ Brazil, Christchurch.

The venue: 

BBQ Brazil are a pair of churrasco restaurants in Christchurc, NZ. They serve delicious, all-you-can-eat BBQ to patrons of all types. The company currently have two venues with plans to open more in the future.


BBQ Brazil had been working with Eveve, a computer-based system, used bysome venues in Christchurch. However, co-owner Elly is a busy lady who juggles a business with bringing up a family and being tied to a computer just wasn’t practical for her hectic life:

“My previous system required me to be in the restaurant at the computer to take and check bookings which just doesn’t work when you have children who have dancing and swimming and lives!”

Making the move

With ready availability being a huge factor in choosing a reservation system, Elly and the team were big fans of ResDiary.

“I remember thinking ResDiary was just so accessible. I could get into my bookings on my phone, on my iPad, wherever I had the internet, and I knew it would give me flexibility as an operator.”

They decided to take the plunge and move from Eveve to ResDiary and met with ResDiary’s country manager, Ryan Hollis.

“The process of moving to ResDiary was easy and we didn’t come across any issues at all. ResDiary was so simple to learn, we got training; and because all the resources are available online, if I was looking for something I just used the “Magic Search” and got an article or a video which explained everything. And I knew I could just call Ryan and the team if I needed anything, too. It wasn’t like that with previous systems: I couldn’t find any resources beyond the absolute basics. If I wanted something changed I had to call up and get someone to go through it all with me.”

The future….

Elly and the team are settling in well with the system and are beginning to get to grips with the advanced features, using it to its full potential. Being brand-savvy, they have used the ResDiary system to enchance their image, with custom widgets, branded to their website, and slick customer contact emails.

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