ResDiary provides venue management to a whole host of businesses. Did you know ResDiary provides venue management for a whole host of businesses, from restaurants and wineries to bowling alleys? Discover the ways we can help you provide that A* experience for your guests.


Wineries, historical houses, themed dinners, cocktail masterclasses, and guest-chef events have all benefited from ResDiary’s ticketing system. With the ability to create and sell tickets, directly from your booking system, all your reservations are kept in one place. The customer’s confirmation email acts as a ticket for the experience they have booked and everything is sent automatically, saving you time to spend with your guests.

Payments are taken by our payment provider, Stripe, and go directly into your account within a few days.

Channel management

Do you want to sell live music tickets, restaurant reservations, and drinks bookings side by side? No problem. With ResDiary’s range of booking widgets, you can set up different channels on different pages to sell all your different booking options. Set individual cover limits, add deposits or full payment, and set variable durations, depending on the aspect of your business the customer is reserving.

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Event Manager by ResDiary (launching soon)

For too long, events have been planned on spreadsheets with flurries of post-it notes and jotted down details. No more with Event Manager by ResDiary. All your event enquiries are held safely on your reservation system; confirmations, customer correspondence, and reminders are tracked and payments are processed securely through ResDiary. Get an overview of your entire venue by simply logging in.

Customised contact

Using ResDiary’s range of customer contact tools, guests and potential guests are able to experience that truly personal touch. ResDiary automatically sends tailored confirmation, reminder, and post-dining emails to guests, letting them know what they have booked and what they have paid and best of all, they’re branded to your venue.

Want to give your VIPs first dibs on a special event? Using our smart marketing suite, you can pull off targeted lists and send customised marketing emails.

Gift vouchers

Everyone loves a great experience gift and using ResDiary vouchers, your venue can become someone’s favourite birthday present. Set up monetary amounts that guests can spend on whatever they please or set up gift experiences. Sell tasting menu, wine dinner, or tour vouchers and get that guaranteed revenue in the bag.

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