Get more free bookings from Google

Did you know that in New Zealand, over 95% of internet searches are made on Google? That means that the vast, vast majority of potential customers searching for restaurants are using Google to do it. And there’s a reason why they have captured so much of the market-share: innovation. They’re constantly offering up new features and products, the latest of which is super exciting for restaurants:

Google My Business reservation links 

If you’ve searched for a business or service on Google, the chances are you’ve come across the Google My Business box, which comes up at the side of all searches. It looks a bit like this:

As you can see, its filled with all kinds of helpful information for guests. There’s everything from opening information, to phone numbers, pictures, and the venue’s address. And it has a link, where diners can book tables directly from Google. This is great news for you for a few reasons. (Not least that it’s free for both you and your customers.)

It tells diners, straight away, that you take online reservations

If you’ve ever been in a new city, trying to find somewhere to eat, you’ll know it’s a daunting task. Does this restaurant take bookings? If you just turn up will there be a massive queue? If it does take bookings, how do you make one?

A reservation link lets potential diners know from the off that, yes they can make a booking, and here’s exactly how to do it.

It puts you ahead of the crowd

This button is quite new at the moment and not everyone has embedded it. Most of your competitors in the area probably don’t have this set up. If a guest is torn between two venues and one makes it super simple to book, right from Google, which one will they choose? Yours, of course. And that means you’re getting more bookings, and more incremental revenue.

It has a REALLY great conversion rate

At ResDiary, we’ve found that if a customer clicks on a booking link from social media, your website, Pay Per Click advertising, or most other sources, the average conversion rate is 14.9%. The rate of conversion from the Google My Business reservation link is 27.7% for our venues. That’s a huge amount of extra bookings if your Google reservation link is live. And it doesn’t cost you a penny to set up, or take bookings.

So how do I set it up? 

Well, that’s simple. Firstly you need to have a  Google My Business listing. If you don’t have one, click the button below to sort yourself out.

Then you need to link it to your ResDiary microsite. Details on how to do it are below, too.